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Standard Installation

A “Standard installation” includes the following:


  • Professional installation of Exede equipment by a certified technician to an outside wall or sloped roof by a certified technician
  • Travel to and from your location within 50 miles of installer office
  • Complete installation planning: site survey and customer input on installation location
  • Compliance with any applicable FCC and electrical rules and regulations
  • Cable routed through one exterior wall and one interior wall or floor
  • Exede modem connected to one computer. (Customer-provided router and multiple computers are not included.)
  • Service tested to the Internet, customer account activated, service agreement presented/signed


  • Exede Internet antenna dish, transceiver and bracket assembly
  • 1 Exede Internet modem and 7 foot Ethernet Cable
  • Up to 150 feet of RG-6 cable from antenna to modem
  • All necessary mounting and cabling hardware

Please note:
A “standard” installation typically requires 2.5 hours to complete. A “non-standard” installation may require more than 2.5 hours and/or additional mounting supplies and materials, and additional fees may apply.

During installation planning, please confirm with the technician that your installation will be “standard” prior to the start of the work. If your installation is “non-standard,” any additional charges must be agreed upon between you and the technician prior to the technician beginning work.

Equipment lease fee

All Exede Internet subscribers are required to lease the necessary satellite user terminal equipment from Exede. The lease fee includes all the equipment required to access the Exede Internet satellite signal. Subscribers must use the provided Exede Internet modem and antenna; no other modems or antennas are supported by Exede systems.

Routers, wired or wireless, are not included with the lease fee or sold by Exede. However, most modern router models work with our system and may be provided and set up by the subscriber.

Standard Installations

Exede Wall Mount Exede Roof Mount
Wall Mount Roof Mount

Non-Standard Installations

Exede Pole Mount
Pole Mount
Exede Non-Penetrating Roof Mount Exede Under-Eave Mount
Non-Penetrating Roof Mount Under-Eave Mount

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