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Satellite Internet Systems

For those who live in sparsely populated areas, satellite Internet systems have a significant advantaged over the traditional dial-up and cable systems. Few cable and telephone companies are willing to invest lots of money into cable infrastructures that serve rural areas or regions where landmasses and weather commonly interfere with signals. Satellite Internet systems, however, give individuals and businesses broadband access regardless of where they are located.

How Satellite Internet Systems Work

Satellite Internet systems use artificial satellites that orbit Earth to relay information between computers and Internet gateways. For instance, WildBlue uses two satellites to relay information between subscriber computers and 11 different gateways that are spread out across the U.S. and Canada.

In order for the satellite Internet system to work, a subscriber’s computer needs a modem and a mini-dish that can communicate with the satellite. This satellite Internet system makes it possible to access the Internet with lighting-fast speeds without relying on cable networks, which frees subscribers to use their computers from just about any location.

Satellite Internet Systems Offer Faster Speeds than Dial-Up

Rural Internet users often rely on dial-up connections to access the Internet because they don’t have cable options. Dial-up connections are frustratingly slow and have a hard time downloading large amounts of data efficiently. Most web sites are built by people living in urban and suburban areas where high-speed cable connections are commonplace. This creates a problem for people in rural areas because their dial-up connections have become too outdated to transfer information fast enough to use content-rich pages that have been designed by city-dwellers with fast connections. Satellite Internet systems, though, offer broadband connections that are much faster than dial-up connections. This makes it possible for everyone to access complex web pages and download large files easily.

Affordable Satellite Internet Systems

Some people think that satellite Internet system must cost a lot of money because the companies that run them have to invest in satellites. While it is true that satellite service providers invest significant amounts in their satellite Internet systems, they still have rates that compare to those from traditional cable-based ISPs.

One of the reasons that cable Internet service providers often resist moving into rural areas is that they do not want to invest a lot of money in an infrastructure that will only serve a few people. Satellite Internet systems, however, are not as easily restricted by geographic location. Companies like WildBlue can use their satellite Internet systems to serve just about anyone located in the United States. They can therefore keep prices affordable because they do not need to constantly expand their infrastructures into new territories. WildBlue’s packages, for instance, start at $49.95. This rate is similar to what cable Internet subscribers pay for their service.

Satellite Internet System ISP Perks

Customers receive the same perks from satellite Internet systems that they would expect from traditional ISPs. WildBlue gives customers email access and web space where they can build their own pages. This makes it easy for satellite Internet system customers to use the Internet’s latest advances.

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