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Satellite Internet Companies

Satellite Internet companies give people who live in remote or sparsely populated locations the option to access the Internet with high-speed connections even when they do not have cable service providers that operate in their areas. WildBlue is one of the satellite Internet companies that many people in the United States use for high-speed broadband access that allows them to download large files like hi-def movies quickly as well as surf the Web with ease.

Where Can Satellite Internet Companies Provide Service?

Satellite Internet companies have a big advantage over ISPs that rely on cable networks because satellites can send and receive information to just about any location. WildBlue, for example, can offer high-speed connections to nearly any person in the U.S.

Many people who live in rural areas have been forced to tolerate slow dial-up connections because cable companies don’t want to spend a lot of money building expensive infrastructures in places where they won’t have many subscribers. Satellite Internet companies, though, give these people the option to choose a faster, more reliable option.

How do Satellite Internet Companies Offer Broadband Access without Cables?

Satellite Internet companies operate in much the same way as satellite television service providers. Subscribers have a mini-dish that communicates with an artificial satellite orbiting Earth. The satellite also communicates with gateways that give subscribers access to the Internet. The subscribers are essentially connected to the gateways via the satellites.

Using the satellite Internet companies often requires purchasing some basic equipment that enables your computer to communicate with the satellite. WildBlue, for instance, provides subscribers with a modem and mini-dish that they can hook up to their computers. The required equipment is usually inexpensive. WildBlue’s package, for instance, only costs $99.95 plus shipping and handling fees.

Are Satellite Internet Companies Affordable?

The price of broadband access from satellite Internet companies varies from company to company. Many of them have monthly rates that are comparable to those of cable Internet providers. Depending on the types of services that individuals choose, they could even end up paying less than they do on their dial-up service. WildBlue’s packages start at $49.95 per month, so the service is easily affordable for most families. Not all satellite Internet companies, however, offer such reasonable rates. Some of them even bait new subscribers with free mini-dish equipment, but then they charge higher monthly fees that end up costing individuals much more in the long run.

What are the Advantages of Choosing Satellite Internet Companies?

Dial-up Internet connections are too slow to handle today’s content-rich web pages. They are most definitely too slow to download large files efficiently. Those who use dial-up usually don’t even bother trying to download software, movies, music, and other types of large files. That means they miss out on some of the best things about online technology. Satellite Internet companies give people a better option. With satellite Internet companies, subscribers can enjoy fast connection speeds that make it possible for them to use all of the online features that people living in areas with cable ISPs take for granted.

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