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Rural Satellite Internet

Rural satellite Internet services give those who live in sparsely populated areas the opportunity to connect to the Internet with high speeds. WildBlue offers a variety of rural satellite Internet services that provide broadband access at affordable rates to homes and business.

Rural Satellite Service Offers Faster Speeds than Dial-up Service

Many people who live in rural areas rely on dial-up service to check email, surf the web, and download files. Dial-up connections, however, are too slow to keep up with today’s large files and graphics-intense sites. Rural satellite service allows people in virtually all areas of the United States to use a broadband Internet connection that makes it possible for them to download and upload information quickly. That means those with rural satellite Internet service have the same access as Internet users living in big cities.

WildBlue’s Rural Satellite Internet Service

Most Internet service providers that offer broadband access rely on cable networks to transfer information from gateways to individual computers. Most phone and cable companies, however, are reluctant to build cable-based infrastructures in rural areas because there are fewer clients to justify the expensive investment. WildBlue avoids this conundrum by taking a different approach to broadband access so that they can offer rural satellite Internet access.

WildBlue’s Rural Satellite Internet System

Cable Internet service providers can only install cable infrastructures in areas where weather and land structures will not interfere with signals. Rural satellite Internet, however, does not have this limitation. WildBlue’s rural satellite Internet service relies on two satellites and 11 gateways that are located throughout North America. Subscribers use their modems and mini-dishes to connect to the gateways through the satellites. This makes it possible for them to transfer data at high speeds regardless of where they are located.

Affordable Rural Satellite Internet Service

Rural satellite service can give you the broadband access that you want for your home or business while charging rates that compare to those from traditional cable-based Internet service providers. At WildBlue, for instance, you can get a rural satellite Internet service package for as little as $49.95 a month. This gives you all of the key ISP features that broadband users have come to expect, such as email and web space where you can design a personal or commercial web site for yourself.

Gaining access to WildBlue’s rural satellite Internet service requires some basic pieces of equipment like a modem and a mini-dish. You can purchase these items, though, from the company for less than $100.

Computer-compatibility with WildBlue’s Rural Satellite Internet Services

Most computers that have been purchased within the past several years are compatible with WildBlue’s rural satellite Internet service. The basic requirements include 128 MB of free RAM; a processor with a minimum speed of 200 MHz; an Ethernet port; and 100 MB of free hard drive space. Macs and PCs also need recent operating systems such as Windows XP, 2000, Vista, or OS X.

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