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Home Satellite Internet

Home satellite Internet technology gives individuals the opportunity to access the Internet with high-speed broadband connections even when they live in remote areas that do not have cable Internet infrastructures. WildBlue offers home satellite Internet users the opportunity to purchase reliable services at affordable prices.

WildBlue’s Home Satellite Internet Services

WildBlue uses two Earth-orbiting satellites that communicate with 11 gateways located throughout the United States and Canada. This system makes it possible for home satellite Internet users to gain high-speed access by using WildBlue’s mini-dish and modem to connect to the Web without relying on cable networks.

The Advantage of Home Satellite Internet Services

Many people who live in rural areas rely on dial-up Internet services to access Web sites and check email. This situation makes it difficult for individuals to access the Internet when they live in areas with harsh weather conditions and land structures that can interfere with cable and microwave signals. Dial-up service, though, does not offer the high speeds that today’s Internet users need to view content-rich sites and download large files like music, movies, and software.

Instead of tolerating slow dial-up connections, Internet users can choose to subscribe with a company like WildBlue that offers home satellite Internet service. Since WildBlue can provide efficient, dependable service to homes located almost anywhere within the United States, there is no reason for you to continue waiting for your dial-up connection to download the files that you want.

Purchasing Home Satellite Internet Equipment

Using home satellite Internet services requires some equipment that allows your computer to communicate with satellites. WildBlue provides customers with a mini-dish a modem at the affordable price of $99.95 plus shipping and handling. This is a small price to pay for those who are tired of waiting for their dial-up service to load even the simplest Web page.

Home Satellite Service Packages from WildBlue

WildBlue also has affordable home satellite service packages that offer fast broadband connections. The basic package gives you a reliable home satellite Internet connection for just $49.95 each month. This rate is comparable to those from cable service providers.

Home Satellite Services from WildBlue

When you choose to subscribe for WildBlue’s home satellite services, you get all of the key ISP features that you might expect from other providers. These ISP features include email access and Web space where you can build a personal Web page. Subscribing to WildBlue’s home satellite Internet service also gives you a free year of antivirus software from F-secure. This software will protect your computer from Trojans and other malware that you might encounter while surfing the Web or downloading files.

Home Satellite Internet Gives Everyone the Broadband Internet Access they Need

Broadband Internet access has historically only been available in urban and suburban areas. This made it difficult for rural Internet users to find the resources that they needed. WildBlue’s home satellite Internet service, though, has finally given everyone the opportunity to access the Internet with broadband speeds.

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